Friday, October 10, 2008

Turn that frown upside down !!!

So yesterday ended up being a mixture.
The tablets left me feeling nauseous all day but hopefully that will wear off. Picked up Annie's (nurse) message telling me not to start them till after she'd spoken to Dr on Monday - too late , they're started !!!
Boss wasn't so hyper and I got quite a bit done - he's away now for a week , hurray !!!
Looking forward to Alexander Palace on Sunday - see what stash I can get.
I can print out my magazines today so I'll have some inspiration for the weekend - still busyish at work as they've got interviews today.
My finger is swollen and sore this morning , I'll be glad when / if that wears off.
Need to really crack on with sewing tomorrow and try to stay off this evil machine , loads to do if I'm out most of Sunday.

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