Saturday, October 18, 2008

Busy week

Well what a week at work - busier than I expected . I had to get the late bus every night but managed to get the normal bus yesterday as Jamie had to get to work and Dave didn't finish till 7 .
Sorry I missed John B's leaving do at Pizza Express - by all accounts it was a good night and Maddy was there , oh well never mind.
Fingers are still swollen but have managed to almost finish my envelope - it's just very slow and painful.
Ellie had a disco on Wednesday at school and 'world market' for the harvest festival which she only told me about the day before so I got her a pack of sharon fruits to take in.
Got a box of crisps to sample today and some pretty threads from Polstitches (not just Dragonthreads , a mixture from other company's.
Longing to start my Tournicoton 'Chose Favorite' but must finish obligations first plus I need a translation. Using Vikki Clayton silks as per pattern.

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