Monday, December 01, 2008

a bit of progress

As predicted , a cold weekend - not a crisp sparkly cold but a damp cold to your bones time.Apart from a bit of sleet yesterday morning we've had drizzle and mist - not nice at all . Ellie and I spent most of yesterday snuggled in bed - her reading and me sewing.
I finished my ornament , just needs the cutting and finishing doing. So cracking on with card now hopefully won't take long.
Got some modelstitching done (the polstitches one - didn't want to put it aside as I love the brightness as opposed to the whites and dulls of the ornament and card - funny how stitching on different things can effect the mood.
Ellie's going to her friends on Friday after scholl to knit squares for blankets. Dave's work do is Friday night - trousers and top I think.

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