Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Just not feeling Chrismassy !!!!

Just not 'in the mood ' despite playing Christmas music and wearing reindeer antlers !!!!
Tried Ellie's dress on her - phew ! it fits - I know , bit last minute but hey , that's me.
Last week wasn't particularly brilliant. I did get all the cards out in the post apart from the usual stragglers and I decorated both work Christmas trees and they look beautiful even though I say so myself - Upstairs is gold and green downstairs silver and purple . The smell of pine is gorgeous when I go into work in the morning.
Sewing wise , I finished my stitched card (goes in the post today ) I didn't take a picture so I'll have to ask my partner to do one for me.
Just finishing up ornament and it will go in post tomorrow as will secret santa package.
Set to with boss at end of week - usual thing , his talking down to me and me being accused of not doing my job - I have email proof to show otherwise but frustration makes me feel theres no point . Feel very low at moment , may be weather or tabs or just me don't know. Dr tomorrow , bloods on Friday . Hairdresser friday for a new curlier me . Party Saturday night.

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