Sunday, December 07, 2008

This week dragged

It was freezing all week but we didn't get any snow - a little bit of sleet was all.
Got a tiny bit of stitching done . Watched the end of 'I'm a celebrity' seems to have gone quicker this year . I thought Martina might have won but not surprised that Joe did
Dave's work's dinner was on Friday at the Bolingbroke arms and the top I bought didn't feel comfortable so thank goodness for my trusty Monsoon stash and black trousers !!!!
The meal was lovely. Salmon roulade with french toast for starters, steak Wellington for main course and banoffi chocolate trifle with chocolate sauce for sweet . I didn't manage to finish everything though and left some of each .There where the usual speeches and secret santa and caught up with some old friends (the emphasis being on old!!!!) as we knew some of them from years back when both Dave and I where in the RAF and WRAF respectively. Pull up a sandbag and I'll tell you more , lol !!!! No maybe another time. Busy week ahead at work , trying to get everything done before we finish.

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