Friday, December 26, 2008

A glorious sufficiency !!!!

Oh what a brilliant Christmas. I got loads of stash , beautiful Kelmscott bitties that I've admired but couldn't justify buying for myself , silk threads to stitch with beautiful linens to stitch on , beads , and glittery pretties. I spent this afternoon in bed with four beautiful men - lol !!!!! My present from DH and DD was a wonderful pillow that I can plug my cd player or ipod or mp3 into and the Il Divo CD - The Promise - yummy ! I got a Thontons chocolate monkey and a bottle of Jim bean from my boss and some lovely bath things from DS ( indulgent bath with a book this morning )
On Monday Ellie and me are going to stay in Bath till Wednesday - Monday night we're going to the theatre to see The Nutcracker. I don't go back to work till the 5th so I've still got loads of time to indulge my passions.

Jazzy is in doggy heaven cuddled up to his teddy having had so much attention . Ellie has loved all her presentsn even though none of them where really expensive. Jamie is at rosies till Saturday


Clare - Aimetu said...

Wow Jan - that pillow sounds great. Enjoy Bath and The Nutcracker :)

The Dotterel said...

Sally got an i-pod for Christmas and a pillow to plug it in to: made for one of the quietest journeys home I've ever known!

Mylene said...

Happy New Year and best wishes for 2009!!

Jan said...

The pillow is wonderful Clare - Ellie loves it too , lol - she got an MP3 for christmas and it's turned out to be her most used present.
Know what you mean Dotty !!! Ellie loves her MP3 - wish we'd bought her one before.
Happy New Year Mylene hope you're all well - did you read about our Dutch Christmas Party ?