Thursday, December 25, 2008

merry Christmas everyone

Well it's officially Christmas day here.
The works party at the weekend was brilliant - a dutch theme from Frieseland. The hotel was good as ever (the Pudding Club)
We started with champagne and Dutch canapes then we had a liquer called beerinenburg which you had to drink in one then eat a raw herring from a bed of salt and onions. A dutch brass band then arrived and marched throughthe room leading us to dinner . There were 6 tables (one for the children) On the tables where Dutch hats and chicken hats in Orange - forgot to say this was a black tie affair (company tradition) but when we arrived in our rooms there was an envelope with an orange bow tie for the men and a small orange bow pin for the ladies and girls. On the tables where orange feather boas and the children had some orange hair spray. After each meal course the men had to move on to the next table. The food was wonderful - Dutch themed but endining in traditional puddings - chocolate , jam roly poly and spotted dick with loads of custard. At midnight (didn't make it) was apple cakes and coffee.

The brass band played througout and when we'd eaten got everyone doing a conga through the hotel . everyone was encouraged to join in and the band had people playing the instruments . Ellie played the cymbals. We (dave , Ellie and I ) left for bed at 12 as I had to bath and shower Ellie before bed to get the orange out of her hair . Both Ellie and Dave where out like a light but I sat and had a hot chocolate and read for a bit - boring I know . The party went on till 5.30am with the band singing carols in Dutch outside at one point. We woke and had breakfast at 9 then Dave and Ellie went for a guided walk with others in the group. The band played and paraded through the hotel one last time before going to catch their ferry. We left the hotel at midday after pea and ham soup and winter Pimms and mince pies.
On Monday I went in to work for our team Christmas dinner which was at a local hotel - very nice.
Now everyone's in bed but me - Jamie's going to Rosies tomorrow so it's just Dave , me and Ellie.
And to all a good night !!!!

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Mylene said...

Hi Jan, just read about your x'mas party and i find it a bit strange eating raw herring on x'mas. I never tried it though, i do like most of their foods but that's one...NO, not me!