Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Back again

Not blogged for ages - mainly because yet again I've been ill and even I'm sick of hearing about it - I pulled a muscle in my stomach coughing last week and ended up taking to my bed again - enough is enough ! I've got another appt with GP on Friday to discuss options ? vitamins and or iron tabs.
Annual appraisal on Thursday is not looking good as we've had a few set toos again . The dishwasher wasn't working when I got in yesterday morning so the wash from Friday hadn't been done - I rolled up my sleeves and got washing and put a sign on the dishwasher also rang engineer who couldn't get here till today . Half way through the morning the knives where out and 'someone' rang ferret features (my boss) to tell him the sink was full of dishes so he then began to rant on at me about how he expected the engineer out right away or me to sort out the dishes - I gently explained that no local engineer was going to come out the same day for a dishwasher and that hot water and washing up liquid was provided and last time I checked , all the staff downstairs where of an age when they should know how to wash a cup after themselves and not use a fresh one with every drink !!!! I then sent out an email asking for the co-operation until the engineer came - got one email back saying yes that was a sensible idea !!! I know I will go into the kitchen this morning and have to wash up again.
The next issue was that I hadn't put the fruit downstairs into the bowls (It had already gone into the office when I was washing the dishes ). I am thoroughly sick of his continual pettiness and if I could I would hand in my notice - roll on the lottery !!!
I managed to get some more stitching done over the weekend and hope to reach the back stitching soon .I really need to crack on with my gift for tsg for the retreat as I know the standard of stitching is very high so I need to produce something I won't be embarassed by.
Roll on the weekend !!!!!


Erna said...

Hi Jan just found your blog, lovely to read. I'm happy to read it's the same in every office hahaha.
Bye Erna from Amsterdam

Raph G. Neckmann said...

The frustrations of offices!!!

Are you going to post photos of your completed stitching for the retreat? It'd be lovely to see what you are making.

Jan said...

Hello Erna , thanks for visiting - yes all offices do seem to have the same trials don't they ?
Hello Raph , yes I will do pictures but not until after the retreat as part of the fun is the surprise and I know a couple of the Sampler Guild ladies visit my blog.