Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Down came the rain

Wow what a weather change - it absolutely poured down yesterday and with the added bonus of the wind it was truly awful - a bit quieter today .
Well Ellie is now 9 , where did all those years go ? We got here the two boxed sets that make up the complete Anne of Green Gables and she loves it. Also a big pink stocking from Hawkins Bazaar filled with all sorts of girlie crafts and thinks and a princess craft set also a light globe that projects the star systems onto her ceiling. A Hannah Montana Birthday cake completed the day.
Work is 'challenging' at the moment , I'm finding it difficult to pull the knives out of my back !!!! Ah well this too will pass (I hope).


Patti said...

Hold on you are writing this today - Monday was really yucky down here in Hertfordshire! Today was lovely and I do hope you have those knives out of your back that's for sure! It sounds like Ellie had a wonderful birthday and a belated Happy Birthday from me. Lots of Love Patti xxx

Patti said...

Hold on this is Tuesday! Yesterday was yucky here in the wilds of Hertfordshire! Looks like Ellie had a great birthday but you are having a yucky time all round. Hope those knives are out of your back! We wanna see some stitching! Lots of Love Patti xxx

Jan said...

Lol , I published both your comments Patti as they where slightly different -trying to discumubble me huh ?
The knives where blunted today and the weather was better - It's gone cold again this evening .Are you going to the Sampler Guild Retreat in March ?

Raph G. Neckmann said...

Sounds like Ellie had a great birthday! Our eldest daughter Nexi loves craft things.