Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The road to tranquility

Well , weatherwise the day was much calmer yesterday - it's gone back to being cold but not quite as cold as it was. GP's appointment was as good as it always is !!!! She hadn't bothered to read my notes so didn't know all the tabs I'm on or even the reason I'm on them. Blood results not brilliant so just to keep a watchful eye at the moment and doubled the BP tabs dose - lowering the steroids would have made more sense but there you go I'm just trained in pharmaceuticals and she's a full blown GP - what can I say - excuse my cynicism , there are good GP's I know but some GP's are at best adequate , I've worked with so many I feel it gives my a little notion on this subject.

One of the girls at work took some pictures out of the window last week when we had snow

Doesn't it look good ? The ducks and swans where all out yesterday - wish I could find my camera.

Busy week this week meeting wise wish I didn't feel so tired.

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