Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Oh wondrous day , calee, callay !!!!

I vaguely remember my title quote from Alice in Wonderland but I've probably got it wrong and I know the spelling is not right !!! However it really does sum up how I feel about yesterday.
Miraculously , the sink area was devoid of crockery when I went down yesterday morning so either they took on board what I said or some little kitchen fairy had done their work.FF (ferret face , my boss for future reference)ended up buying a new dishwasher so all is well with the world until the next drama!!
It turns out the local hospital (my eye problem is now being managed at a specialist centre in another hospital) had missed making me an appointment - I last had one in November and rang them yesterday to see what was happening as my original consultant had said that she wanted to keep an eye (no pun intended) on my condition even though Bristol are treating me now.
I'm in 'flare up' at the moment because of the viral infection which is a bit awkward when I'm working - it's like looking at little black flies , at least its not got to net curtain stage!!
Got a nice little book with amigurumi (small crocheted animals) patterns so this weekend I might start Ellie crocheting - we'll see how patient I feel after my assessment with FF on Thursday!
On another note , I've had another win - I've won a paintballing session for up to 35 people lunch include so I'm taking that into work and donating it to the social comittee (Finance Director and Corporate administrator) Have to say I'd love to let rip and blast a few people with paintballs (if that's all that's on offer)Mwah ! Mwah! Mwah !(evil laugh)
Achieved a fair bit on project work yesterday so quite pleased as it means I can crack on with routine stuff today.

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